About Us

‘Masterminds International’ is an organization which was founded by Mr D.P Mahesh 15 years ago, with the firm intent of bringing out positive transformation in every individual by tapping into the hidden power of the mind and understanding how to make the best use of it with, the application of ancient spiritual wisdom in combination with modern science.

Transforming minds by awakening the genius in them

Our Vision

“To bring in holistic transformation in every individual we encounter with, there by transforming the society”

Our Mission

“The mission of Mastermind International is to forge a new realm by bringing in holistic transformation in every individual by exposing their hidden potential and there by empowering them with the true essence of Science and Spirituality”

Masterminds believes that any kind of change we are looking for ‘outside’ of us, must first be the change, ‘within us’ and this is possible by harnessing our MIND in the right direction.


Today we have pioneered in bringing highly effective Memory and Mind management programs which caters to the needs of students, teachers, institutions, professionals, entrepreneurs, corporate, and spiritual seekers in India and around the globe.

Meet our Founder

D.P. Mahesh Founder & Managing Director

D P Mahesh is a Mind & Memory trainer and a Life Coach for the last 15 years. An Engineer by profession, realized during his corporate life the real purpose of his existence was different and embarked on a journey where there is no turning back. His passion to find spiritual solutions to core issues in life led him to work with people, teaching Meditation and Mind Power Techniques.


His life took a steep ascend in the year 2005 when he met Dr Newton Kondaveti and learnt various Life-Transformational techniques from him like Past Life Regression and Rebirthing Breathwork; since there has been no looking back.

Mahesh is one of the few teachers in the world who have been hand-picked & personally trained by Leonard Orr, the father of Rebirthing Breathwork in modern times.

Meet our Team

Manju Suraj

Manju Suraj

A Masters in Human Capital, British Psychological Society certified and a certified trainer by Ron Kaufman, she has focused on the enhancement of individuals professionally and personally through various corporate strategies, policies and programmes.

A strong change agent with experience in building organisations, corporate culture and large scale change efforts through competent talent management, strategy, training and development and government compliance. Professional in developing and promoting sustainable business initiatives through the CSR framework, thereby aligning growth and financial stability through responsible business.

Suraj Rajkumar

A peoples person with a passion for teaching and a flair for building businesses organically. An MBA and Msc professional with over 20 years experience in IT, Hospitality and Real Estate Industry in the Middle East, Far East, Asia and Africa. This exposure has given the opportunity to work, meet and understand systems, people from diverse cultures and background. As a spiritual seeker, was associated with Mr. Mahesh for many years, then stumbled upon the opportunity to work with children at Masterminds which was grabbed with both hands.

Suraj Rajkumar

Awards & Accolades