Super Brain Development

Superbrain Activation’ is all about helping a child to excel in all spheres of his / her life by opening up their hidden potential. This is the most powerful way to develop the Intelligent Quotient (IQ) & the Emotional Quotient (EQ) in a child; our work explores how musical training affects the way in which the brain develops.

Duration: 4 days (24 hours)

Age Group: 5 - 15 years

Activities In The Program

Superbrain development is the most intellectual and scientific development that opens a whole new horizon to a hidden potential of the child. This program helps stimulate all areas of the brain and develops it in a balanced way.

Brain Yoga

Brain exercises improve academic performance, foster eye teaming, spatial and listening skills, hand–eye coordination, and whole-body flexibility, this also stimulates or manipulates the brain, improving learning and recall of information

Physical exercises

Children will be happier if they are encouraged using an exciting fun filled activity. This will help them to develop interpersonal skills and also help them to move to Theta state (A highly relaxed state of the brain) at the later stage of the program.

Relaxation Techniques

Scientifically proven visual exercises that stimulate the brain through challenges like puzzles and image comparisons are a key to improve your concentration and enhances the ability to perform well in day to day activities.

Breathing Techniques

With control on breath, one can achieve control on mind, body & soul. In this, children are instructed to breathe using an ancient breathing technique called ‘Breath work’ which helps them to overcome all limitations that hides their true potential.

Concentration Workout

Concentration workouts helps children to drift from highly excited state to moderately relaxed but attentive state. Concentration workout consists of Brain teasers, Neurobics, Puzzles etc. enabling them to focus


Masterminds International’s unique music technology is built on the principle that helps in enhancing brains function, thereby helping child’s cognitive thinking ability and learning ability to grow by many folds.

How it will benefit your child